Anxiety Treatment With Use Of Self Hypnosis

You may be surprised to hear that the treatment of anxiety is the number one use of hypnosis in psychiatry today. The use of hypnosis for anxiety comes in several different forms but generally has the same underlying theme. Here we’ll discuss what that theme is and go over some possible techniques for using hypnosis for anxiety alleviation.

First off, anxiety is defined as a state of abnormal fear or mental tension. Typically this mental tension is entirely self created but on occasion it can actually have a basis in reality. There are many different treatments for mild to severe anxiety but most commonly it involves the patient actually going out and doing the activity which makes them anxious. Right here is where self hypnosis for anxiety comes into play.

treat anxiety with hypnosisTypically the situation that causes anxiety is avoided so it’s difficult to get the patient to go to the mall if they have a fear of crowds. What hypnosis for anxiety does is allow the person to visit the mall but only in the imagination. So what you do is find a comfortable spot free of distractions. Once you’re comfortable you can close your eyes and start to enter a state of deep relaxation.

A great way to get relaxed is to count breaths or to concentrate on various parts of your body. You’ll find that when you try to relax your mind will be bombarded with a whole array of thoughts, but just acknowledge that thoughts are there and then let them pass. If you can master this technique then you’ll see improvements with not only your anxiety but every other aspect of your life.

Once you get relaxed you’re ready to put yourself in the vulnerable situation. So with the fear of crowd’s example you would imagine going to the mall on a very busy day. The key here isn’t to suppress any feelings of anxiety or mental unease; you want to experience them as if they were actually happening. Repeated exposure to these sorts of feelings and the physiological repercussions they bring about will help to desensitize you to them. This is the part that makes how to hypnotize someone so effective because when you actually put yourself in the situation in real life you’ll know exactly what to expect and you’ll be all the more likely to remain in control of yourself.

This sort of hypnotherapy can be repeated over and over until you have the confidence to actually go and do it in the real world. In fact, the more times you do it the better because you’ll be less sensitive to the actual situation.

Self hypnosis for social anxiety can be that easy, all it takes is practice and the determination to conquer your fears. If you feel like you need more help then there are also psychiatrists that offer hypnosis for anxiety patients but you definitely want to try this method first before pursuing that route. Remember though to give yourself credit for actually making an attempt to conquer your fears, and don’t get down on yourself if you don’t see any progress the first couple times you try it.

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