simple lifeHi my name is Kate. You can call me ‘Kate The Great’ for short. I am playing around with blogging for the journey of the experience. I will attempt to give my opinions on many different subjects from politics to game shows and then back to sports. So hang in there with me and learn my super cheesy sarcasm and hopefully get a laugh or two.

My typical day is raising my son, home keeping, and gardening. My husband leaves early in the morning, so I everyday make him a big breakfast. Once hes gone its tiem to get the little guy up and his breakfast. He knows he has to stayed fueled up if were going to garden and set the whirligigs out for the day.

We live in a small country town were things a very relaxed and this is how I am able to play on the internet.Top plus of the everyday life I run is how I spend my time to perfect my skill as a mom.