A Little Background on Post Cereals

As I take a bite out of one of my favoritePost cereals dipped in fat free milk, Grape Nuts, I can’t help but wonder where this company began and when they made their first cereal.

Being the resourceful person that I am, after I cut out a few free Post cereal coupons the other day, I decided to scour the Internet and visit the library to bring you a little background on this cereal giant’s history.

The company which makes these tasty cereals is called Post Foods, LLC and they also go by the name of – yep…you guessed it – Post cereals!

Turns out in 1895, in Battle Creek, MI, a guy by the name of C.W. Post concocted a cereal beverage called “Postum” out of his little barn. Little did he know he would spawn a company that would make such a huge impact in the world of breakfast cereals for years to come!

post cerealSoon after, he invented his famous Grape Nuts cereal and America had one of its first breakfast convenience foods; it was a great success. C.W. Post was known for his innovative product marketing techniques; he would use Post coupons, free samples, and recipe booklets among other things to get his product brand name into as many households as possible, and many of his techniques more than one hundred years ago are regarded as the industry standard today. Talk about a man who was far ahead of is time!

When C.W. Post died in 1914, the company continued its growth by expanding on the marketing techniques C.W. himself had instilled in the company. The company continued its amazing growth and really peaked from 1932 to 1958 with Grape Nuts, Post Alpha Bits, Raisin Bran, and a few others. Their excellent products were and still are a huge part of American tradition.

Post cereals still continues its innovative approach and has released a few more cereal products in the last few years with my favorite being Honey bunches of Oats with Cinnamon Clusters. You can always access free coupons for most every product Post has to offer once you know where to look.

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